Terms & Conditions


Inspection Fee

If Phone Clinic said the device cannot repair, no need to pay Inspection Fee. If the client decides not to proceed with any kind of repairs after the quotation, the Client has to pay $40 assessment fee and this is a non-refundable. It covers the time spent by the technicians in disassembling, diagnosing or assessing the issue to ascertain a cause and resolution.

Personal Data

Personal Data, Phone Clinic is not liable for loss of data during the repairing of a phone, tablet, computers or any other device. We recommend removing all SIM and memory cards before servicing. Phone Clinic is not liable for loss of any personal data during the repair.

Repair Warranty

Warranties, there is a 3-month return to base warranty on repairs and repaired parts from Phone Clinic. If the warranty is contested than the customer must be prepared to wait for a reasonable time (which can be up to two weeks) for the device to be checked by the vendor and extra charges may apply. All warranties are void if the device has been dropped or any other external damaged is incurred during the warranty period. We are not offering any type of warranty on glass replacement jobs.

Repair Quotation

All quotes provided are estimates actual repair costs may differ. If the first repair fails which is generally not the case, a second quote will be provided and initial repair costs will not apply.

Liquid damage

Liquid damaged, Phone Clinic can repair any electronic products with liquid damaged but there is NO WARRANTY on any liquid damage repairs. Electronic products sent for repair within 24-48 hours have the highest success rate for major repairs of water/liquid damage. Minor damage i.e. sticky keys or replaceable parts can be successfully repaired after this time.


Courier pickup and delivery, Liability of the courier companies in respect to loss of or damage to goods on deliver are limited to $1500, subject to claim policies of the Courier Company.

Any damage caused in freight is not Phone Clinic responsibility, Phone Clinic will assist customers to claim the damaged caused in freight as a courtesy, however, it will be a sole decision of Phone Clinic if they will or will not to provide a replacement or refund to the customer depending on freight damage assessment done by the courier company.

Delivery time duration

Delivery Time frame Delivery time for goods can vary from 2 to 9 working days depending on the source of the product.